Friday 26th May 2017

UK Maidenhead cloud server/node re-racking, scheduled 1 year ago

On 26th May 2017 between 13:00-17:00 BST we will be migrating all cloud server nodes that deliver our UK Maidenhead cloud. Nodes will be physically relocated to a newer data hall so we can continue to grow our UK Cloud offering in this location.

The migration has been meticulously planned in order to minimise customer disruption. We have chosen Friday afternoon (BST) to enable maximal hands (internal and third-party staff) to undertake the re-racking, thus minimising the outage period. We estimate a minimum 1 hour and maximum 4 hour outage, while the exact outage length will vary depending on the order of node migration and on which node each cloud server is hosted.

It is not possible to announce IP subnets in multiple data halls simultaneously, thus all nodes are to be migrated under one scheduled maintenance window.

With our NOC, Operations and Technical teams focusing on the migration, general help and support tickets will be paused whilst the migration is in progress. You can keep up to date with the status of the migration online at