Some systems are experiencing issues


21st September 2020

cPanel backup servers UK backup server failure

Due to the unexpected failure of a UK-located backup server, some cPanel/CWP/Plesk/DirectAdmin etc backups for servers in the EU are unavailable. We are currently deploying a new backup server to take its place and we will begin creating fresh backups as soon as the new server is online.

UK - London hardware upgrades

Starting 2020-09-01, we will be upgrading cloud servers in our uk-lon1 location to faster hardware in uk-lon2. We will decipher the most suitable 'off-peak' period per cloud server based on historic usage patterns, then migrate the data during this timeframe. If you have a more suitable or preferred date/time, please contact technical support who will happily arrange this for you. We anticipate a downtime between 5-60 minutes per cloud server, dependent on the amount of data stored. No end-user changes are necessary. We thank you for your patience and hope you enjoy the upgrade!


16th January 2020

No incidents reported

15th January 2020

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14th January 2020

US - South (Atlanta & Miami) Miami outage

We are experiencing an outage of our Miami1 location.

  • The new edge router has been installed and is back in service.

  • The datacenter has received the replacement hardware and will soon be installing it.

  • We are experiencing hardware failure of the edge router at this location. Miami remains rerouted and out of service while new hardware is shipped.

  • 13th January 2020

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    12th January 2020

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    11th January 2020

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    10th January 2020

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